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Bottle party

I'm a kid of the sixties that much gentler age
Not so much angst not so much rage
Forty pints of Guinness arranged in rows across the floor
With a bottle in my hand as I'm standing by the door
Talking to the people passing through the street
Handing out an open drink to every one I meet
And they can hear the music and they can hear the sounds
From the party in the room and the whole house around
Soon the word is spreading in the streets far and near
You can come join the Hoolie and please bring some beer
They are turning up in taxis and turning up in cars
Carrying crates and bottles brought from the bars
There's live music in the garden and dancing on the lawn
And suddenly there's bird song with the coming of the dawn
There are bodies in the bedrooms and bodies everywhere asleep
And I'm walking through the empties two and three layers deep
I take another bottle no time to think
When a perfect stranger offers me a drink
Before she throws her arms around me
Then she's sitting there down on my knee
Head resting contentedly there against my chest
As in between drinks I eagerly fondle her breasts
Arm in arm together to the rooms up above
Where we join some others also making love
There's a gang in the kitchen playing five card draw
And a lively conga snaking in and through the door
Round and round the garden and out into the street
Gathering any passers that they chance to meet
It's a whole weekend party so folk come and go
Even hordes and gangs of folk we don't even know
They just pay their fee of some bottles at the door
Stepping over bodies arranged around on the floor
This affair will last for another day and night
Seldom any bother hardly ever any fights
One of our weekend party circa nineteen sixty five
Amazingly most of those mates and me are still alive

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