Heart Of The Matter

The Lease Expired

Bewildered, chilled,
Yet feel no pain,
And only tears,
That fall; are rain,
And disappearing?
No, not me,
I simply call,
This destiny,
I'm liberated,
Can't you see?
My life was,
Mainly poetry,
I was a slave,
Entrapped in word,
Now looking back,
It's so absurd,
I still can write,
A line or two,
Get inspiration,
Out the blue,
A message from,
A soul on high,
Who knows the truth,
Of you and I,

A gentle whisper,
In my ear,
Tells me the news,
I need to hear,
Surrounded now,
With love and light,
I separate the wrong,
From right,
And secrets safe,
Until required,
I'm happy now,
The lease expired.

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The Lease Expired

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