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SWEETSWORDS 79  [ Puzzle II ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Blondie bimbo and bold boulder are four
But the boat can only hold two
Single journey takes half life's wealth
But double takes its deadly due

Now two will crossover and rest should say ahoy
But Blondie bimbo and bold boulder crossed over with a girl and a boy
Now this phantom two plus two in the boat
Yet boat doesn't capsize it stays a float
How did you managed all asked scratching theirs head
In reply bimbo Say's delivery in due time first lets go to bed

Blondie bimbo and bold boulder are four
But the boat can only hold two
Bimbo was made pregnant as boulder made the canoe
Theirs boat knew maths but they know magic
Theirs boat knew earthen riddle but they know the divine heavenly logic

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

I have the answer
But what you want is disappointment
I can help he who aspire
Not who is in contentment

I have the answer
But what you want is agreement
I can help the living negligent
Not who is in deadly contentment

I have the answer
Some are sure winners
some are sure losers
But there are the chancer

Vegan patient Say's oh my blood sucker needle
Dr Acula told me about this blood curdling puzzle
He said in one box there was six eggs to be shared by two doctor two nurse and two matron
Yet how come one egg still remain in the carton
Vegan patient Say's of my blood sucker needle
Tell me about this vegan brain bender with your meaty logic and AQL

Blood sucker needle Say's oh my vegan patient
The last one took the last passenger with the whole compartment
He took egg and the box what you call easy
Unlike this men who is thinking busy
He is thinking about another men who entered into an empty cove
Front of him was oil lamp wax candle wooden logs and gas stove
But alas men only have one matchstick
Blood sucker needle Say's oh my vegan patient
Men was thinking what did another men lighted first using his Aql and  Logic

Underground Undertaker Say's Oh log of overground pyre
First thing he lighted was his matchstick on fire
Then he started looking
And he was looking for thing that the maker does not need it
The buyer does not use it
And the user use it without knowing
Underground Undertaker Say's oh log of overground Pyre
Tell me what is that thing the men was looking there

Log of overground Pyre Say's of my Underground Undertaker
The men was looking for coffin what is not for the buyer nor for the seller nor for the Maker
But tell about this deadly being
He was found dead hanging from the living room ceiling
No one was at home and there was nothing in vicinity to support his state
Nor there was extra rope so he can lift his own weight
Only clue there was that the floor was wet
Log of overground Pyre Say's oh my Underground Undertaker
Tell me how death came in the living room
Tell me how did they met

Illiterate Yantra Say's oh my Academic Devise
The man hanged him self standing on the block of ice
Ice melted and turned in to sea then disappeared into the lakes
But when i say this sentance containes two misstakes
Now tell me how many mistakes are there in total
Illiterate yantra Say's oh my Academic Devise
Tell me what are the mistakes is it alphabetical or numerical

Academic Devise Say's oh my Illiterate Yantra
There is four mistakes in your puzzling Mantra
Three alphabetical and one numerical because you said this sentance containes two misstakes
Academic Devise Say's oh my illiterate Yantra
Tell me what is the next alphabet in this series OTTFFS
Tell me about this alphabet may what ever number it may takes

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