SWEETSWORDS 80 [ The Blind Burkha ]

SWEETSWORDS 80 [ The Blind Burkha ]

Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Hijab is raping woman's freedom of expression,
And Burqah is sodomizing theirs natural beauty.
Beyond all visual recognition,
Theirs beauty is suffers in moralistic cruelty.
Therefore death to oppressor Burqah,
And suppressor Hijab.
Enemy of woman's freedom,
And imprisonment love.

Poga Says in The Foolington Maze.
Amazing story and freak show,
Veiled limousine,
And the nude rickshaw.
Criterion of embarrassment,
And the veil between shame and pride,
Shameless groom,
And bashful bride.

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : You beat me up black and blue,
Just for HIJAB.
If I have wronged Allah,
Why you hit me with left hook and right jab.
If I am immodest let then Allah punish me,
For this unsightly barriers,
And open revealing beauty.
Why are you punishing me,
Will you share my personal hell.
Why do you throttle my singing voice,
To silence your cursing yell.
Mr Barzakh Fitarh Ullah : My common assault was,
In response to your grievous bodily harm.
You pollute enemy of my pure pious Ramadan Siam.
With intoxicating knockout wink,
And deadly milkshake.
You injured the part,
What cannot tolerate the ache.
With your soft breast,
You hardened my boneless rod.
And shed my drops,
More precious than oceans of blood.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Morality depends upon the dress code.
But Mortality depends upon the dress according to the weather.
Yes it is the ALLAH,
Who is the best dresser.
Who designs beast with fur,
And birds with feather.
But Man who is not donkey.
Without beard like lion,
Or mustache like monkey.
They dress with two clothing,
One for reality other for fantasy.
One for pleasure of soul,
Other for pleasure of pussy.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Key is used to open the door,
So floor can accommodate the leg.
Just as cock is used to open the pussy,
So the sperma can occupy the egg.
Therefore woman is like safe deposit,
What must be kept on guard.
Therefore hijab must be enforced on every woman,
Just as feather imposed on every bird.