SWEETSWORDS 105 [The Marrifa of Mathematics ]

SWEETSWORDS105 [The Marrifa of Mathematics ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
There is no sword better than sword of Ali,
And the is no youth better than him.
He is the first men to say Shahadah.
At hand of Muhammad,
Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
There is no Hero better than Ali,
And there is no sword like Zulfiqar.
He is Asadullah,
The lion who roars Allahu Akbar.
There no warrior better than Ali,
And there is no victor more to venerate.
Because the Prophet said,
He is the city of knowledge,
And Ali is the gate.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta: They came to Imam Ali.
With riddle too hard to be solved,
By dividing it mathematically.
The case of seventeen camels,
And three heirs.
What must be divided,
By the instructed shares.
First to get half,
And second two third.
And third to get one ninth,
To execute the will word by word.
It is also stated in the will.
No camel maybe slaughtered,
To ease the bafflement of beguile.
Until they shared the camel.
Nor they can use,
Nor they can sell.
They pleaded to Imam.
To show them path of Halal,
So they can save them selves from Haram.
Therefore the Mathematical Imam.
Gave them one his own camel,
To make seventeen to eighteen sum.
He gave nine to who gets half,
And six to who gets one third.
And two to one who gets one ninth,
And took back his own camel from the herd.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : A Jew came to Imam Ali.
And gave his a problem,
To be solved mathematically.
He said give me the numbers,
What to divided by from one to ten.
But sum must be whole,
Not fractionally broken.
The Imam said take the lunar days,
From the year.
And multiply them by days in a week,
To make your murky calculation to clear.
The three hundred and sixty days,
With the weekly seven.
And divide two five two zero,
From one to ten.