Straight To The Heart

Thank God for My Mother

I dedicate this to a special mom, Polly Whittaker

She's one of God's children
you know from the start
Someone who loves Him
with all of her heart

She's more precious than diamonds
as gentle as pearls
She teaches about Jesus
to every boy and girl

A woman who praises
her Father above
She's never ashamed
to show Him her love

A daughter, a mother
a grandma and friend
I'll look up to my mother
from now till the end

She's someone I'll cherish
I've learn from her ways
I'll thank God for her
through all of my days

I am thankful she's my mother
more grateful she's my friend
Praise God for my mother!
what a gift He did send

Copyright © 2006 Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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Thank God for My Mother

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