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At dusk, the scorching sun makes its weary descent
toward the horizon,
bathing the arid plains with
a warm, honey glow.

In the distance, a stately giraffe,
like a man on stilts, dines sumptuously
on tufts of greens atop the tall acacia trees.

Nestled in the tall, waving grass,
a lioness grooms her playful cubs,
ever keeping a watchful eye for silent predators.

A leopard feeds voraciously
on the tender flesh of a young gazelle,
as vultures soar above, waiting patiently
until the leopard sates his hunger.

Monkeys happily perform their playful gymnastics,
swinging from tree to tree,
like a circus act.

The insipid sound of a laughing hyena
stabs the thick air,
startling a herd of zebra that instantly stampede away,
creating a kaleidoscope of black and white.

Giant hippos splash in the river,
soothing their parched, leathery skin,
seeking refuge from the tormenting heat
of the penetrating sun.

At long last, nightfall spreads its blanket over the land
and the daily fight for survival continues.
Instincts are heightened
and in the darkness there reigns

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