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Well shod reply

I like to dress smartly
Certainly not to tease
A little eye to fashion
But I dress as I please
I really like to wear good shoes
And I really love the feel
Of tight stretched calf muscles
In my smart high heels
Not those six inch monsters
But just high enough
To give a swing to my skirt
As I strut my stuff
I felt really good that day
Thought I'd dressed with skill
But looking back on it now
I guess I'd dressed to kill
Now there's one on every street
You know the type of guy
Who surreptitiously ogles?
Any young girl walking by
I spotted him at once
This man about town
Felt his eyes pass
Over and up .and down
But the difference this time
He did it in full view
Didn't seem to care
That I so obviously knew
He smiled at me so openly
So calmly and unrushed
It was a little touch and go
Whether I actually blushed
I grinned at him just once
Then put on a little show
Swung my hips and shoulders back
Really let him know
He could look
But couldn't touch
Take some liberty
But not much
Then having got his interest
I gave him a grin so sweet
And swung those hips just for him
As I strutted down that street

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Well shod reply