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Questions And Thoughts

The earth...
with ever the consuming demise
but would death to mankind...
be a better prize?
And though we're on bending knees
and hiding in strong trees
Everything goes
when the wind blows
Even the leaves...
upon the barren land...in time
And if death be a paradise...
wouldn't it had been nice
to keep our eyes shut
at birth
While some plan for death
others struggle to live
and the ever consuming baby
crying give! give!
to me
Only to birth her children
in the over crowded
deep dark sea
But is things really that bad?
Look at Darfur
Isn't it sad
And though a tear falls
It's dried by the sun
And goes up in a vaporing steam
that overtakes their hope
with a dark dream

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James

Questions And Thoughts



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