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It was a night of many beers,
Misunderstanding arose,
Which was why without malice
Paddy Rea smashed my nose
And as I sat there crying
Shocked and on the ground
Glasby the avenger quickly
Knocked old Paddy down.

So, while .he was next to me
I explained his mistake
And magnanimously he held
Out his hand for me to shake,
Then Paddy held me still
While Glasby set the bone
Said just don't blow it
Just leave it alone

And in a couple of days
It will be right as rain.
And because of the beers
I wasn't feeling any pain
So when Glasby said
A good job I think
All in all
This calls for a drink.

We returned to the bar
And by drinking with care
I very soon forgot
My injury was there.
A night of misunderstanding
Said Paddy Rea with a sigh
Casually sporting
A painful black eye.

More raised glasses
And to shouts of cheers
We all and sundry
Supped a few more cold beers;
Two days later
You'd never have known
That I'd ever suffered
Any broken bones

And Paddy Rea
Had forgotten why
For days he wore
His blackened eye
I never went to the MO
We just didn't in those days
Just dealt with such things
In time honoured squaddie ways

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