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 "Boy and Man"

A boy watches movies from the past and want to be a Mack,
A man knows how to treat his women, and he got her back.
A boy wants all eyes on him, and wants all the attention,
A man do things for his women, and they are never mention.

A boy wants you to pay for his sometime love,
A man finds his special women, and thanks God above.
A boy has the mind of a boy, and this we need to understand
A man asks God to show him how to be a real man.

A boy looks at your body, and wants to take full control,
A man wants to love from deep within his soul.
A boy thinks its all about the so-called whip appeal
A man is looking for a love that is oh so real.

A boy is always trying to find something better in the streets,
A man knows how to handle the other women that he meets.
A boy wants to argue, fuss and fight,
A man will be home treating his woman right…

A boy will leave you alone and feeling insecure,
A man will give you love that is wholesome and pure.
A boy will come to your home and spend the night,
A man is there every night, holding you tight.
A boy think its all about him, and this he has been told,
A man is looking for that woman to have and to hold.
A boy cannot deal with everyday toils and strife,
A man wants a woman that will become his wife.

A boy wants what he wants, and it is now or never,
A man wants a future with you always and forever.
A boy is selfish, and trying to get all he can receive,
A man looks for a woman and a love that he can believe.
A boy just cannot understand,
The essence that makes a real man.

Written…………………..April 7, 2006

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