Straight To The Heart

Nobody Knows

As I sit here on this lonely day
I think of all that's passed away
I think of how my best friend's gone
and how I feel so all alone

Of all that we have been through
all the things we've shared
It's all been taken now
in a moment that was flared

She told me that she loved me
forever she said it would be true
Now she doesn't know the answer
to me not knowing is knowing 100% true

We have loved and been there
for one another for so very long
Now I am lost in this world of lonely
not knowing where I belong

I gave me heart and soul to her
committed my everything
She gave me nothing in return
not even a promise of the spring

So I said my 'good-byes' to her
on a lonely yesterday
All she could do was blame me
said I just wanted it this way

I never wanted to leave her
I had no choice at all
She accepted all I had to give to her
took everything as she watched me fall

Sometimes good-bye is the only open door
I can't turn back when I know theres so much more
I've got to find what my heart beats for
I don't want to be lonely anymore

So I near the chapter about this friendship
which has now come to a close
For all seasons have there ending
where this one goes-well, nobody knows

Copyright 2006 ©: Sherri Lynn Whittaker  

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Nobody Knows

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