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This is directed to all the patriotic psychotics
who visit my page then become enraged. Then order me to
leave amerikkka ... spelled with three Kays ... because
they find my writings objectionable in some way.

I am not shocked or overwelmed by any
of your vitriolic diatribes left as
feedback and/or critic. In fact,
send me more, I love receiving it.

Your vilification of me suits me well.
I love to rattle your chain and
rack your collective psychotic
programed patriotic brain
but you should know this:

As Africans born in amerikkka
our eyes are wide open
and we are fully aware ...
on a daily basis we are living
the amerikkkan Nightmare.

We didn't grow up in our ancestral
home in Africa or the East. Through
forced migration shackled hand and foot
we grew up in the talons and belly of
the beast.

My ancestors were kidnapped and
brought here involuntarily in the holes
of ships packed side by side like
sardines and beaten with whips.

Their captors were mean. My people
were thrust into the most deplorable
conditions any people have ever
seen or have had to endure, and for sure,
you best believe we sprang from strong
stock unlike the folks who crashed
into Plymouth Rock.

They were Chained and forced to lie
in their own urine and feces. The stench
of dead bodies, the rocking side to
side as the Ocean waves thrashed about
caused them to heave and puke and
hold their captors in disdain and rebuke.

By ghostly white sea devils our
Fore-mothers were raped. Our fore-fathers
And fore-mothers could only pray,lament
And plan their escape.

My people were kidnapped sold and brought
here forcibly in chains. They built amerikkka
with their bodies, skills and brains.

Their blood, sweat and tears . . .
rained down upon amerikkkan soil for too,
too, too many years.

My ancestors beaten flesh and broken
bones became the fertilizer that has allowed
the U, S, of A to become the choice piece of
real estate that it is today.
Rather, inhumane . . . wouldn't you say?

My people stem in this country from
branches of rebellion that has its' roots
in Mother Africa.

We rebelled against the Black turncoat
Kings of Dahomey, present day Benin,
who through war with neighboring people
became a major supplier for the
cruel white slavers.

We rebelled against our fellow Mamluke Muslim
Arab and African merchant brothers who
sold us to the good White Christian nations
in both the Old and New Worlds. The seeds
of rebellion are deeply ingrained within
our DNA.

All captive African people in the amerikkkas
were inspired by the successful 1792
Haitian Revolution that demonstrated that
docility to oppression was not then nor is
it now a viable solution.

The Africans were ready to kick up a fuss
and do whatever they must to prove beyond any
doubt, freedom from white domination was what
they were about.

They fought, died and killed with a passion
that was awe-inspiring. All the while just
desiring ... FREEDOM!

Whites began realizing that their captives
were not going to passively be victims of
Euro-American terrorizing.

The major slave revolts were grounded upon
the principal that death is better than turmoil
and oppression.

Gabriel Prosser in the year ... 1800
showed no fear and was fueled by true
bravery and indignation when he called upon
his people to rise up and wage war against
the masters of the slave plantations.

Prosser, like many who followed,
was sold out by a sell out.
Betrayed by one of his own.

In 1821 Denmark Vesey went on a mission
to invite and incite enslaved Africans to
revolt. He gave the evil slave masters a jolt
when he organize his own revolt in 1822.
Again he was sold out by a sellout.
Betayed by one of his own.

On a Sunday night our beloved brother Nat Turner
and his crew, entered the house of his cruel
master, when they departed the evil
slave owners lives were through.

Armed with only courage ... one hatchet and one
broadax they didn't relax until they had
exacted justice to the max.

With forethought and intent Nat Turner didn't
relent but he demonstrated great compassion by
sparing the life of an infant.

From Virginian to Maine white folks were
frantic and some became more insane than normal
and seized with panic.

I'm not absolutely sure but I
think some of them may have even jumped
into the Atlantic.

Hundreds fled the county and many left the
state for good as fast as they could.
At last they did something good.

Nat Turner's rebellion was fueled by
visions and mystical experiences.
He too emphasized deliverance from
oppression. He too believed that death
was better than oppression.

There were many rebellions at sea by captive African
people. To them it was no mystery, they had no desire
to become victims of the worst mass theft in history.

The name Sengbe Pieh or as his Spanish enslavers
called him Cinque, has always been spoken of with
pride by African people in the amerikkkas up until
this present day.

This Mende Warrior in 1839 showed his
courage by commandeering the Slave ship "Amistad "
in an attempt to free himself and others.

He didn't think rebellion to be a bad thing.
He thought freedom was worth fighting for.
If he had not been African, Whites would have
indeed honored him as a hero.

This proved to be the last straw; from this
point on-wards, no slave owner lived comfortably
with slavery. When they slept they wept and only
dare close one eye keeping the other one open.

Now, they understood the rage, persistence and
level of resistance and the price that the
captive African people were willing to pay for
freedom. Like school yard bullies and cowards
of their ilk they looked for new cows to milk.

We, the present day African people in amerikkka,
know who we are. We are the descendants of the
Yoruba, Mende, Djola, Hausa, Fulani and other African
people who got caught up and victimized by the
worst holocaust and diaspora experienced
by any people on the face of this planet.

Islamic historians estimate that between
7 and 30 percent of enslaved Africans
brought to the amerikkkas were Muslim.

Islam is not new to amerikkka. There were
African men living in the Antebellum South
named Abd Ar-Rahman ibn Ibraheem, Bilali Muhammad,
Salih Bilali, Umar ibn Said, and Yarrow Mamout
just to mention a few among many. Men with wives
and children a plenty.

One of these men, Abd AR-Rahman, after forty
years as a forced laborer gained his freedom
and sailed back to Africa.

We fought and rebelled and are still rebelling
against the injustices that have been and
are presently being perpetrated against us.

We are 42 percent of the prison population but we
comprise only fourteen percent of the national population.
Liberty and "JUST US ... JUST Y'ALL" for all. But soon will
come the time of your fall. Soon will come a time in this
nation ... a day of True liberation.

As a people who have been victimized more than any
Auschwitz survivor can imagine, it is not only our
right but is our duty to speak out against the
perpetrators and their children who continue to
promote the falsity of white superiority.

No one dare tell the Yehud (Jew) to be silent
about the Nazi inflicted holocaust. So, don't expect
African people to be quiet when it comes to identifying
and speaking out against ameriKKKan Fuhrers.

My Arab and Asian brothers do you know that if it was not
for the sacrifices of African-Americans, it is highly
unlikely that immigration discrimination based on color,
religion and ethnicity would have changed in America?

Many of the Asia Muslims who came to study, work and
later establish their families in this country could
simply not have done so had US immigration laws
maintained their bigoted , white supremacist nature.
White ameriKKKa would not legally allow you in this
country until the immigration Act of 1965, part of
the Civil Rights Jihad, which tried to correct
the ethnic discriminatory immigration laws that had
been established in the 1920s. Established to specifically
keep you out.

Now, do you really believe that you have the right
to direct us on how our struggle should be fought?
We fought GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED slavery and segregation.
Perpetrated by the same people who claim to bring peace
and freedom to all nations.

We fought for human and civil rights from which
you benefit . You cannot direct us in our struggle.
You can assist but you cannot direct. You are in
Our House (amerikkka) because of our struggle for
human rights.

We took the sticks up side the head and saw our leaders lie dead.
We were the ones attacked by the Klu Klux Klan and racist police.
We were the ones attacked by police dogs and washed down city streets ...
with fire hoses while the Government of the "United Snakes OF ameriKKKa", turned its' back and thumbed their noses.

No, we don't worship democracy because
we have been victimized by its' hypocrisy.
No, My people didn't come to Dar ul harb from
Dar Es Salaam voluntarily seeking higher education
or financial relief here in this land of unbelief.

We didn't come here voluntarily seeking profit
nor gain. We were brought here involuntarily
shackled in chains.

How easily lady liberty spreads her thighs while
espousing lies about the right to liberty,
freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
The word freedom in ameriKKKa is only
a coy euphemism for "free to be dumb."

Free Dumb ... Free Doom, while the cowardly
Bush and Cheney hide out in the basement of a
White House room.

My African ethnic lineage originates from the Yoruba
people of present day South West Nigeria. If you good
folks want me out of the country,


Or if you like you can always use the
"The Psychotic Un-Patriotic Act" to strip
me of my citizenship. But, it will take more
than just you and George Double U's Mamma ...
cause I have more than one billion sons named Osama.
In the words of Elvis, "thank you very much."

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2006 Habib Khalil Abd Al Haqq

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