SWEETSWORDS 92 [ The Thinker ]

SWEETSWORDS 92 [ The Thinker ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Flicker to flame,
As intellect to information,
Wisdom needs words.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Thought rises,
As the hood of cobra,
Thinker is the snake charmer.
Awaluddin Marifathullah Says :Thinking is like a grasshopper,
And thoughts are like grasses.
By instinct a thinker jumps from one blade to another,
By its intuitive process.
Desire to fulfill compels it to stop,
To catch the floating thoughts,
By thinking on target for hit and flop.
Many many thoughts floats ,
But only on one ego can stand.
Therefore concentration can only be placed on an issue,
When awareness is there to comprehend.
But mind is like grassland,
Where thoughts are growing at constant rate.
And thinker cannot go
To every grass blade to investigate.
Therefore mind finds resting place for thinker,
In the realm of forgotten dreams.
Where all awaking mans leaves,
Theirs unanswered thoughts in thinking themes.
Therefore when concentration is done,
In the relaxed meditative state.
One can connect to any issue,
What does not require to investigate.
For that hyperactive meditative state.
Not relaxation but very attentive tension is required,
For correct thoughts to accumulate.