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Today, where are you?

I don't write about death fairies
And rain often anymore
I don't open my eyes and look around
Rather I squeeze those ridged
And I dream about the future
I dream about the forgotten bygones
I listen to romance and inhale muck

I don't cry about the present heartaches
And shame often anymore
Rather here I sit under my willow
Too terrified to squint
And reveal what's surrounding me

I can't ignore my wishes
I can't ignore my pains

However, I still feel the rain,
I still sense the death fairies
Behind my back
Encircling me

I feel Christ
I feel all the righteous ambitions

I feel desire

It's too hard to think about everything in five minutes
Sometimes it's just too hard to even think

I swing to the melodies of life
And smile like tomorrow already exist
And yesterday should be today
While I secretly and unwittingly  search for my present


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Today, where are you?