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Part II - Exploration

Part II - of a journey with fellow poet Shell Heller

still silent, still unspeaking, we left
walking out into that special night
arm in arm into that nearby park
softly lit by a spring full moonlight
showing her my naked body
I felt her eyes trace every line
Saw the start of her arousal
As she became aware of mine

how sacred is the heart of night and,
here on earth awaking slow from long
reverie of winter, he guided me to the
ground where we would explore heart
and passion of our own, safeguarded by
tall-shadowed trees as tender new
leaves whispered to the spring-sky stars
about the fire of lovers bold enough to
open soul and skin to moonlight's gaze

she moved to help me remove her clothes
and soon I looked on perfection in awe
kissed her lips, kissed her white breasts
and in that kissing needed so much more
she pulled me to her took me
ecstatically, sweetly deep inside
and so began a lustful joyous
body and soul-uniting love ride

i shone with naked certainty that right here,
on this earth alive, awake, inside me now,
our worlds were merging in the searing
blaze of love's own rhythm as i led him to
the edge of starshine and my passion that
would lead us both into the aching core
of surrender out here in the open heart
of night and tall-shadowed moonlit trees

i walked other worlds of colours and delight
swam liquid seas enfolded in warmth and love
climbed wide shafts to the zenith of her soul
harboured in depths watching from above
read that same joy in her glowing face
all control gone with love closed eyes
matched scream for scream for scream
followed with sated shared contented sighs

when we found our senses, scattered wild
like our clothes, the moon was smiling in her
silverlight and we clung, naked in the aftermath,
to passion's echo and the knowing that among
tall-shadowed trees there is no fear, no rooms
of overflowing noise, only simple quietspace for
this man and i to touch and kiss and take our bliss

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