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SWEETSWORDS 90 [ Amur Rib ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

It was night of lunatic moonlight
And the naked two was completely nude on the silvery screen of black and white
Theirs matinee romance was highlighted on the moonlight veil
Therefore night or day theirs romance never fail

It was night of half moon with complete shine
And the naked two was completely nude in the pond of silvery wine
Theirs intoxicated visions was creating temporary separation veil
Therefore theirs lunacy sometime win sometime fail

It was night of lunatic moonlight
And the naked two was in madly love and cuddly fight
Theirs love and loath
Betray and oath
All was game of love resulting in dawn
When theirs naked skin perishes with theirs flesh coated bone
And the naked two in the silver screen
Without soul but in flesh and skin
Immortalized as a milestone no where to go
And the naked two with theirs nude desire they only die to grow

Poga Say's in a Foolington Maze

The beginners three from rumpus room they begins with three from anarchist mind
They vibrate Poga's heart from front and behind
Theirs noisy communication creates veils of BARZAKH in Poga's heart
In the rumpus room anarchist three creates some confused art

The beginners three from rumpus room and the beginners three from anarchist mind
The screaming letters with theirs silent bind
They in theirs cruel game writes name of Poga's love
The bleeding heart and bloody knife in the game of stub

Thirsty Runner Rajib Say's He had two springs of the JANNAH
Yet he bought the water of Ruma Well
I only had one Ruma Ocean
Yet i send her to the fire of HELL
He had two JANNAH
Yet for ISLAM he went for more
I only had one earthen home
Yet i burned her with my fire of KUFFAR
And i have RUMA WIFE
He DIED without DEATH
And i live without LIFE

Loathsome Lawa Say's Oh my Beautiful Bou
I take back every ugly lie i uttered against thou
So in this sunny afternoon
With the heart of rainy monsoon
I tell you truth of all wrong and right
In this sunny afternoon while even the onyx glitter as the diamond
Without you i remain in the darkness without light
Loathsome Lawa Say's Oh my Beautiful Bou
Yes i am bullocks of the SANSARA nor for cow nor for plough

Mr Barzakh Fitrah Ullah : It was night of half moon
Like white Sujud of full Khatun
In the crescent posture and the white sari
Full Siren in Sujud like half moon glory
It was night of half moon
like a spermatozoon
Swimming the blue sea like golden ignotrinic arc
It was the night the crescent sign became Sujud mark

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :It was night of half moon
Like one spermatozoon
Sucking the blue sky like hungry leach
And naked two was completely nude upon the silvery sand of golden beach
Down bellow under water
Where cold temptation and hot temper
Creates pearls white as snow from black mollusc
And above another dawn begins for another dusk
And naked two
They boil and they brew
Cold marine with hot sun
They live as they are one man and one woman

Ref ...

[Sura Saff 61:8] They wish to put out Allah's light with their mouths,
whereas Allah will perfect His light even if the disbelievers get annoyed.


(The well of Rumah) The well of Ruma was a well which belonged to a Jew in Madinah.
He used to sell its water to the Muslims.
Once Rasulullah (Sallallaahu layhi Wasallam) said,
Who will buy the well of Rumah and grant it to the Muslims in lieu of a fountain in Jannah
Hadhrat Uthmaan (Radhiallaahu Anhu) purchased it for twenty thousand Dirham
and donated it for the use of all Muslims.
Such was his sincerity, that he made his right to it like that of every other Muslim.

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