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Part III - of a journey with fellow poet shell heller

We helped each other slowly dress
Each one seeming to relish so much
To want and need and indeed enjoy
The act of touch and being touched
Then arm in arm we left
That now mean city park
Out into the quiet street
and the moon split dark

into shards of light that reverberated
in my heart with every touch, kiss,
sigh that had broken surface and been
part of what we had just shared, were
still sharing as we walked, so close
even now, in heart and step so close
to mainstream street and world,
yet not quite part of it again,
i ached to know what now, i had no
need of cage or sword but i needed
nonetheless, this soul beside me now

I spread candles around the bath to give
A delicately soft lighted perfumed air
Walked her with me to oiled water
And sinking in we made love there
At first so very slowly very sweetly
Until passion demanded much more
Our love sending waves cascading
unheeded to wash that room floor

his tenderness, matched only by the
marks of me on him, had sought and
brought my flame to life as i roamed
a deadwood world, where hope was
shackled to illusions sinking fast,
now floor and flesh swam moments
and desires shared in wild abandon

She is a wild and a feisty creature
Of emotions faith and deep trust
Who fills me with love and passion
Tender thoughts and rampant lust
Though I want to link her to me
Live for ever in my ecstatic bliss
I will release her should she ask it
For love of her I will do even this

earth and air, fire and water clung
to the scent and spill of all tonight
had offered us, lovers bold enough
to love and fall, rise and love again
in elemental passion’s lusty flow,
the future is unspoken and untamed
circling free around us now, tasting
of us both in swirls of candlesmoke

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