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For anything to work ...
one must want it to work,
Then, no doubt, must
put in the effort necessary to
Bring it about.
If it is within the Decree of Allah
then it will be.
A Muslim man must become
Somewhat of a horticultural scientist
sensitive enough to relate
and Cultivate the type of garden
Wherein the Flowers of Allah (women)
can bloom and blossom.
Then and only then
can he enjoy and taste
the sweet nectar of the fruit they bare.
He must become adept in
Listening , feeling and charting
any change in climate, so
He can detect and forestall
any and all damage caused
By stormy or otherwise in-climate conditions.
This will enable them (In Sha Allah)
to actualize their full potential
As believing women.
He has to be Luv's Gardener.
He must (In Sha Allah)
Create the type of fertile environment
that enables growth not stagnation.
This is THE KEY
that opens the door to building a Nation.
If the soil isn't right
the flower won't grow properly.
It will grow ...
but flawed in some way.
If the flower is exposed to too much heat
it won't grow.
If the flower is exposed to too little light ...
it won't grow.
If not provided with ample water
it will dry up.
If given too much water it will drown.
In other words ,
the brother must be dedicated
To using a balanced approach
When dealing with the "Flowers of Allah"
by knowing what they need and when they need it
and how much is enough or too little.
You can't give them everything that they may want
but you cannot deprive them of anything they need!
A brother cannot let the "Imam thing" go to his head.
Yes, the brother is the Imam
And has the last word!
And yes,
Allah has given him a degree
of physical strength over the women
but indeed the man of true strength
is the man who wrestles with himself
to control himself when angered
then lowers his wing
In kindness toward his QUEEN ...
never intentionally being mean.
If he misappropriates his authority ...
he becomes a tyrant.
And Allah (SWT) hates tyrants.
Allah is on the side of the oppressed.
The Messenger of Allah (PBUH)
Was and still is
the most perfect pattern of conduct
For anyone that looks Forward
to the coming of The Hour
And remembers Allah much.
And Muhammad (SAWS) was best
In regards to the Treatment of his wives.
He was and always will be
the most perfect modal of conduct.

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2006

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