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there's crisis in this house
that has fairly got me beat
i can‘t find a fitting delicacy
that both my cats will eat
i come back from the store
with boxes and tins and packets
and they are screaming to be fed
before i've even shed my jacket
i make a random choice
put a portion on each dish
keep my fingers crossed
make a fervent wish
and nearly every time
nearly every day
one of then will sniff
and haughtily stalk away
with that look
that seems to tell
living here is
a mini hell
the other one sniffs
seems to say its new
i'll force some down
but it's just for you
i think my cats
heaven knows
work a rota just
to keep me on my toes
why can't the makers listen
to what we cat owned know
and make the popular flavours
i've listed down below
dormouse vole shrew pigeon
black bird starling sparrow
rat squirrel frog fly spider
i know the choice is narrow
but honest injun
these are the very flavours
that each of my cats
truly seem to savour
they are out there now
prowling and skulking
or turning their backs
so i know  they are sulking
oh mister cat food maker
don't just ignore this plea
we seriously need your help
that cat owned legion and me

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