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  Terry Ireland

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Nine pints of Guinness later
Plus a whiskey chaser or two
And we get to serious talking
You know the way some good folk do
And suddenly the answers simple
And you know how you think
The revolution starts
After finishing this next drink
So now I'm sitting half naked
Halfway up this bloody tree
Waiting for the firemen
To come and rescue me
Thank the lord its early morning
And there aint so many folk about
And that early morning postman
Took pity on my soulful shout
And the constable on the ground
Who is trying to be my friend
Doesn't seem to realise I don't
Intend to leap to premature end
The revolution can't have started
‘Cos as I look around
There aint a single sign
Of casting the system down
And when the judge asks why
The only thing that I can say
Is it seemed a good idea
After nine pints yesterday

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