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 "her path to integrity"

1-"the preparation"

she felt the warmth from his dungeon's fire begin to
enter the kitchen and surround her slender ankles and
feet. as usual, the quiet girl was bare footed as that
is what he preferred. he enjoyed hearing and listening
to the padding sounds of her small feet around his home
and as they swished through the grass during their warm
days and nights in his garden. when she would rise from
bended knee, he would watch the outline of slender bones
beneath the tops of her flesh, his eyes immediately moving
to her heel and achilles tendon anticipating its slight
arc forward, the lift of the sole and the pressure on her
toes. he did not seem to ever tire of the beauty of his
slave's form and form in motion. her right foot, second
toe was always dressed in a small, delicate silver band of
marcasite which the light often captured causing it to
shimmer much like the morning dew upon the spider web
just to the right of the far right kitchen window. her
feet's music represented home to him and her femininity
unlike the heavy, masculine strides of men that was his
day. but yet he had a need for both being the man that
he was.

i must say early on so that it is clear that even though i
write her slender ankles and her right foot, that all that
she is and has, is his. it would be more accurate to write
"his slender ankles" and "his right foot", however, that
would be confusing and/or difficult for you to follow so
i shall continue to write her. that being said i shall

it was seven in the eve on the night; and as told by the
dark one, she was in the kitchen preparing the three
items. her mind strained for even the most miniscule of
sounds from his study but he was lulling in his quietness
much like a small fishing boat in the middle of a fairly
calm lake. this was usually a good sign though, at least
in his home, as it meant he was relaxed and contented;
she loved reaping the rewards of such a mood. she sensed
such a reaping would occur between this night and the
'morrow morn. a dark smile fell upon her tender mouth
as her energy began to change. a combination of
excitement, nervousness and anxiousness began to pulse
through her body and mind as if it had replaced her
warm, red blood. she carefully finalised the preparations
placing all she had prepared on his round brass tray,
smoothed the sheer maroon wrap, pausing to smell its
scent on her palms then lightly touching that oil scent
to her hair and breast tips, finally making sure her
silver belly chain was in place. she then turned to
leave the kitchen with tray in hand, walk to his study
and kneel in the doorway.

1-"the preparation"
`t. imaan tretchicovmanicova

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