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2-"the garden"

a few days later, she was working in his garden tending to
the various flowers, plants and small shrubs in preparation
for spring. she was giving feed to the various flora and
fauna then watering them when the telephone suddenly rang.
he was ringing to tell her he would be home in half an hour
and asked what she was doing. she answered him obediently
and quickly, as she always did, saying she was working in
the garden. he then asked what she was wearing to which she
replied a small navy blue cotton wrap tied low on her hips.
he asked if she had removed her jewelry prior to gardening,
she replied softly that she had. he did not like for her to
garden in anything save for a wrap, no jewelry, hair clips
nor toggles not even the smallest of plasters. his girl
usually wore a wrap around the home or garden and nothing
more other than, on occasion, jewelry. before he hung up, he
told her to remove the wrap and remain in the garden until
he returned home.

excitement flowed through her knowing he would be home soon
and knowing he wished her nude. her grubby fingers reached
for the knot to untie the thin wrap. as she did, her skin
was warmed by the afternoon sun and by the continuous work
she had been doing this afternoon in his garden. her fingers,
hands and forearms were dirty with earth as were her knees
and feet. he enjoyed seeing her covered in earth, leaves,
twigs, etc. and would often say how beautiful she was like
this. she continued pruning and watering the plants as the
minutes ticked on. her body began to betray her as it
displayed its excitement. she thought if she spoke just
then she would stammer. her desire for him, to serve him
and to please him only increased with the passing of time.
he ignited a thirst, a deep thirst and nourished it; he
had awakened a desire, a dark desire within her that she
had not known existed until he had found her and awakened

he liked her body in a state of arousal when he returned
home ready for him to take or use as he saw fit. these
thoughts passed through her mind as she waited for him.
her eagerness to see him was expressed so beautifully by
her body. her nipples were taut and tight with traces of
earth on them; her loins moist, petals open and flowering
and as with many flowers, fragrant with desire and want,
even her breath had changed. she continued to garden with
such a heady feeling, she had to steady herself. her body
flushed as she felt his gaze upon her, she dipped her chin
then turned to look towards him. as their eyes met and
locked, a smile blossomed upon her reddened lips;
self-consciously she touched her throat as their gaze
held. he stood in the doorway to look and listen to her
body's stirrings then he commanded her to crawl to him.

2-"the garden"
`t. imaan tretchicovmanicova

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