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3-"before return to duty"

it had been a long day for him
and still the day was not over.
her mind turned to all the
responsibilties he now had as
she lovingly pressed his uniform.
as she meticulously ironed each
sleeve, she thought of his form
filling the uniform. she smiled
to herself as she ridded the
fabric of each of its many
creases, the joy and honour she
felt when she dressed him and,
when he so desired, the little
chatter they would make as she
did so. he was a man that looked
so very smart in uniform, it was
one of his definitions, the
uniform not only defined him
but he defined the uniform. he
was one of the very few warriors
she had had the privilege of
meeting, as was her father.
unfortunately, as they so often
would discuss, warriors are the
rarest of breed, as is the
alpha male.

she thought as she ironed the
large expanse of fabric that was
the back of his uniform, how
very fortunate she was to serve
such a man. wisdom and all that
small yet large word
encapsulated was always the
deciding factor in her decision
of who's lead she would follow
and entrust herself. many
dominant males had will and
brawn, however, it was only
when one began to reach the
pinnacle of the male
hierarchy, of which not all
were interested in having
a girl serve, that one began
to truly understand the wisdom
needed to lead successfully
and naturally, coupled with
superior physical prowess
that caused others, both male
and female, to defer. inherent,
necessary and defining
qualities between an alpha
and an omega male. the alpha
male, particularly the master
she served, was a topic of
great interest and fascination
to her which was an imperative
as a girl must learn and know
her master in order to serve
him to the very best of her
ability and moreso to his
complete satisfaction.

she very carefully hung his
uniform on a widely breadth
hanger so as to not accrue any
wrinkles and until she needed to
later dress him. she returned to
the kitchen to finalise a light
dinner he had told her to
prepare before he needed to
return to duty that night. he
also told her he wanted to eat
outdoors as the evening was a
warm one. she had set the
wrought iron table for one and
placed a silver dog bowl just
to the side of where his feet
would be positioned for herself.
all being in place save for the
food, she quickly took her
standing bath, washed her hair
and anointed her body with oils.
her hair was loose and wet about
her as she selected his
favourite wrap: the gauzy, sheer
maroon one. she wrapped it about
her hips and allowed it to rest
just above her mound. she ran
her long fingers over her slave
chain and toe ring making sure
they were in place.

she returned to the loggia when
she felt the brush of fur
against her thighs. she looked
down to see the smiling face of
his four year old male, grey
husky. she ruffled his collar
as she smiled into his happy,
little face as he, too,
sensed that master would be
home quite soon.

knowing he was an extremely
punctual male and also because
he had rung her to say when he
would be home, she knew it
would be only moments before
he came through the front
door. with the husky close
beside her, she prostrated
in her usual spot a few paces
inside his home by the front
door. and also as was usual,
her body reacted to the
eminent arrival of him like
the moth to the light of the
flame. as his car pulled into
the drive, her body began to
tremble with desire. as she
held continuously her
position of submission, she
listened for his movements:
the car door open then close,
the wonderful sound of his
walking feet, his key in the
door and then ultimately the
close of the front door.

she made not a sound as she
submitted herself before him.
her mouth was dry and form
still quivering as he viewed
and walked around her and
the husky. he thought how she
resembled a single drop of
rain that had settled on a
full leaf, still in motion
and singular in its purpose.
when he had circled her
twice and with his feet
millimetres from her splayed
fingers, in voice low, he
said one word: "rise." in
fluid movement, she rose to
her feet and stood before him
with eyes still lowered. two
fingers touched the hallow
in her throat, rested there
momentarily, then encircled
the crevice. he very slowly
and lightly traced the line
of each collarbone and with
a touch so light as to bearly
touch her, he drifted his
fingers down the outside
almost underbelly of her arm
and forearm such a sensual
place on a girl. a small
breath of air escaped
her puffy, reddened mouth
which was just the reaction
he sought. as he removed his
hand from her, he bent to the
husky, tousled and rubbed the
fur about his face then stood
and said, "come habibi,i'm

3-"before return to duty"
`t. imaan tretchicovmanicova

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