Exquisite Expressions by Exrea 

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 Ms. Beth Bilbro's Memento  (Personal Poem)  05/13/2006

History: Uncle Larry ordered for a toast to Beth on graduation day, May 13th.  Beth is 4'11". Graduated as cum laude.  High honors all through school.  She was raised by grandparents as loving and kind. She called them Meme and Papaw. She has been accepted to Ole Miss to earn her doctorate in physical therapy.  

Ms. Beth Bilbro's Memento

Here's to lil' Beth our college grad…
She's made us all proud, for her we are glad.
Soon she'll go for a doctorate to Ole Miss.
We know she'll do well, that's no hypothesis.
Her Meme and Papaw smile from up above…
They know she is founded in Faith and Love!
One might consider her as physically petite,
Although we know her as smart and sweet.
For Margaret Elizabeth our honored cum laude,
We raise our glasses, for you we applaud!

Love as ever,

Presentation:  Written in calligraphy on parchment for framing.  Printed version on ‘bordered' parchment for keepsake.

Exquisite Expressions
By: Ex-Rea

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