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Poga Humayun Dundiwala

One day bold boulder and Blondie bimbo they were traveling in the desert
There was nothing but apart but sun dried sands and bone dry drought
Everything was dry apart from theirs wet wet heart
Wetness was nowhere
Out there
To be found
All prevails with bone dry ground
Yet there was Mother of all falls
Their's crying tears and crying calls
The desert was untamed and the journey was to survey
The survival of the weakest for those infants they had to convey
Now bold boulder had water bag enough for just one toward the safety
But they both came across because bimbo was the holy cow the divine deity
How did you came across came all the inquiry
Bimbo Say's i drunk Boulder's water and he drunk my dairy

Poga Say's in a Foolington Maze

Now don't say i did not convey
Science of the stages and signs of the way
At least admit
The fool tried his foolish bit
He tried his worst
Like decaying shadow and dieing ghost
But you who witness my out rage
My sweetest SWEETSWORDS and bitter Foolington maze
You please say this at least
The fool is doing his foolish bit
He tried his worst
His physical greetings for phantom host
Those who yet to come and we who yet to go
From this trinity of stages  the still the steep and the flow

Holmes Say's Watson
Headless potato and heartless onion
One is full off it other is without central kernel
This is a detective story from the natures journal

Sound Say's silence
Dumb wisdom and deaf ignorance
One feels weight of the shape other tastes degree of the size
This is an attractive story even blind can visualize

Truth Say's fiction
Rising limit and resting criterion
One is too high other is too low
These are the balancing hook for suspended desires the consciousness claw

Cyclone Say's Typhoon
Those who blows away all the separated sands from the sewn dune
Those who flays high
All the loud cloud from the silent sigh
Those who blows in
Watery breathing men and fiery flaming Jinn
Those who obeys command
The angelic airwaves  for human earthen band

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : She said what do you want to eat
I said corpse
She said what do you want to wear
I said coffin
She said where do you want to stay
I said graveyard
She came lot to say but she left without a word

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : He said corpse
I said fish and tomato
He said coffin
I said pearl necklace and jacket potato
He said graveyard
I had long menu to offer but quota was set for the tomb guard

Barzakh : Hard boiled egg and soft sperm soup
Fail male attack and victorious feminine coup
Earthen bull and iron lady
Bitter mama and sugar daddy

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : There are no hard woman
They are still fragile feminine
Only men became softer as fake homo masculine
There are no hard woman
They are still same lovely tender
Only men became softer as other horribly gender
There are no hard woman
They are still dew drop that heal
Only men became softer as snowflakes that kill

Barzakh : Man and woman must die so child may live
Sperm ovum Zindabaad die Adam and eve
Man and woman must die so Jiva may live
Sansar Zindabaad die national and native
Man and woman must die so animal may animate
Conception Zidabaad die death and cremate

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