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SWEETSWORDS  100 [Nag Panchami ] ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

The most potent poison
Venom acid filth
Pounded diamond powder
Whole demand whisper
Or lonely lover's labyrinth

The most potent poison
Germ virus bacterium
Beaten heart broken
Whole denial taken
Or lonely lover's equilibrium

The most potent poison
True honest insurance
False fraud greed
Pen witness read
Or lonely lover's assurance

Poga Say's in a Foolington Maze

Blight venom bane
Mental anxiety and physical pain
All the sin all the corruption
All the lethal lust all the loving poison

Blight venom bane
Infectious blister and contagious Blane
All the toxin all the pollution
All the lethal love all the lustful passion

Blight venom bane
Mental kill and physical slain
All the bad all the worse
All the loving submission all the lustful force

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Necessary evil and ethical moral
Krishna at large and radha's wall
This are only veils
So take care BE AQL the mind
Be at the center nor in front nor in behind
Learn the fact that
The most potent poison is the mental toxin
The war of nerves for those topics too thin

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : I like things as they are
I am here and every thing is there out there
I am at the center but i need the surrounding
My entire entity is depending on something
Its me and everything creates this individual team
Unless from within i am completely out nor in reality nor in dream
But in sleep
In the upper room or in graveyard deep
But what you say is abstract
Full Lie's and lying fact
You speak of screen
Nor out there nor within
Then where inform us with clear sign
Not with your inebriate smokescreen nor with your intoxicating wine

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah:It begins with ignorance of trinity
The self the surrounding and the divinity
And travels through informative dual
The inquiring inequality and the fulfilling equal
Then further on
Toward the unified one the illumination
The station where
One is unaware
Of ones own entity
And utters all that divinity
But this are only three dimension of the octagonal cube
Next came the all square the fourth dimensional move
The first cause
The earthly secondary SUNNAH and heavenly first FARZ

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : There you go again
With your pointless embracement and link less chain
What all see as sphere you see as cube
You can impress but you cannot improve
Because you lack the ability
It is useless to be angry with you so all we do is do you pity

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah: Now you are going personal
This are signs of the mullah the fanatical
I lack i admit
But it is your mullah mentality that is full of it
You who takes this apparent as everything
And ignore the fact that it begun from nothing
It came from nothing and nothing it will become
Toward it proclamation toward its pro gramme
You who base every thing on apparent
Base every thing on clarity
It is you who need pity
You pity me so do i
Because i know you too can only if you try
Learn the fact that unknown will never be known
It will continue to rise uplifting discovery's from its bottom down
Because it is unknown infinite so finite continues as new
With its current vision with its current view

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta  : MULLAH am i so hear my Fatwa
The most potent poison is a polluted Athma
You with your malady of soul ignore remedy of the mind
You who occupy the limbo nor in the center or in front nor in behind
Your example is that of a ghost who is yet to die
The true like lie like the blue blue sky
You who with your ignorance insult MULLAH and MOULANA
You do so because you are the fool the majnun the dewaana

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : DEWAANA
Exempt from Sawab and deprived of Gunnah
Dewaana the neutralizing philosopher's stone that turn mad MULLAH in to methodical mystic
Dewaana is the touchstone that distinguishes the true herald from lying heretic
Dewaangee is the state where mind is dead but heart is a live with its desire with its drive
Dewaangee is the state where mind is absent but heart is throbbing with its thrive
So learn oh BE AQL The most potent poison is reptilian gene
The killer piety and living sin
So learn about zero functional Anantha Naga
Story of snakes the reptilian saga
From the sectarian part of the reptilian brain
Reveals BARZAKH reality of poison and pain
So pay heed oh BE AQL and listen to history of tear
It is the story of snakes and scorpion i beg you to hear
It begun with crying fish as they migrated upon amphibian path
Toward the killing fields of the reptilian aftermath
Theirs anger for deportation brought about violence in new found land
By Indian arms and American hand

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : YA FATHAH the opener
He who releases every prisoner from knot
YA WASI the all embracing
He who imprisons the entire lot
Nothing is real
Yet every lie live by reality
Nothing can escape
Yet everything joining in unity
All the zero functional coiling reptilian
Or the straight as an arrow the spermatozoon number one
All the cosmic sea churner truthful snake
Or the cosmetic snake charmer Insan the fake
All exist within my Dominion all are my outcome
No business can materialize without my income
Therefore BARZAKH when every zero functional coiling snakes uncoils to straight forward truthful pole
It is i who allow his prostration to enter my zero functional hole
It is i who give him home in my specious air way
The coiling ear tunnel the receiver of every howling say
Yes it is i who churn every reptilian spermatozoon in my vaginal sea
The sucking black hole that ejaculates every white galaxy
So stop your reptilian tale and listen to my guardian saying
It is you who create the straight lying BARZAKH walls within my truthful coiling

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Yes i am the infamous infernal loathsome vile
Yes i am the arduous criminal burdensome file
Yes i am the deeds the manifest realization of your hidden intention
Yes i am your punishment the dirty divine sanction
Yes i am the filthy foul fearsome virus
Yes i am the fire of ISLAM in the BODY of dirty water with the SOUL of pure lotus
Yes i am the plague who came to destroy every KHARIJI KHINJIR and SUFISWINES
Yes i am the symbol of fear who came to destroy every QADIANI KAFFIRS with my Fibonacci signs
Yes i know who i am but do you know who you are
Yes i am the infamous infernal loathsome vile
It is who deliver the helen of troy tears with the mona lisa smile



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