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he wove his spells meticulously
constructed each with loving care
each component ingredient chosen
from the very best that there were
and of course his care was rewarded
his fame just grew and grew and grew
but he had a secret ambition
that only he and I  knew

from his inter dimensional office
he could hop through time and space
gloat at the awe and wonder displayed
on his primitive audience collective face
and he travelled worlds and eras
revelled in his universal fame
enjoyed the sense of power
inspired by his worshipped name

but dimension  security enforcement
was rapidly closing in on his crime
for his moving skills back and forth
was playing heck with congruent time
he knew his days were numbered
but his preparations were all but made
to achieve his yearned for ambition
the final plans were all but laid

with just mega seconds to its fruition
he was very sadly and deviously tricked
into revealing his current location
and was very quickly nicked
he never achieved his ambition
it remained his secret as well
of course I knew the details
but I promised not to tell

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