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Hard to understand the way I save and cut,
How I always wind up in this stupid rut!
A good accounting system is what I need,
To what agony bad arithmetic can lead!

Sit down and calculate time after time,
Figure every bill to the very last dime;
Leave a little extra for everyday things,
And even fun stuff like pinky toe rings;

Get down to where I've spent every penny,
As far as cash goes I have not any!
See a cute thing and figure what the heck?
Decide to write just one more check;

When it arrives the bank'll have my money,
Though thinking this, I feel a little funny;
Call each day and breathe a sigh of relief!
Made it in time, this is my belief;

Now I scream and slam down the phone,
Hear the dreaded words account overdrawn!

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Insufficient Funds