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SWEETSWORDS 102 [Pirani Pir ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Calm composed and calamity
Mouracci is a mental phantom not any physical entity
Mouracci is not any watery liquid where drowning is must
Mouracci is forever placid than those drunk it for their thirst

Calm composed chaotic
Mouracci is a mental opine not any sign for optic
Mouracci is a river that flows in a brainiacs blood
It flows from Utopian kingdom of HUMAYUN AHMAD

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

Oh fleeing spring enter calm composed content way
Promised bliss at this blessed day
Oh fleeing spring enter floating flowing fulfilling way
Like a Bengal river toward its bay

Oh fleeing spring you can only ran till near after
Again will be days of golden honey and nectar
Greater harvest you yet to reap
Many promises you must keep
But time is future yet to come
To count the droplets of mouracci and to do your some

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : My father is Miah sunshine mother is Begum shadow
I am BARZAKH ULLAH the veiled show
My screen holds today the very clear message
Tale of great poet the great sage
He who said my golden BANGLA i love you and her green emerald figure became alive with ruby red heart
He said my golden BANGLA i love you and her Hindu figure became Muslim art
Today's tale is listen oh be aql
About poet of the poets the Tagore of BENGAL

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :My father is Sriman ray mother is Srimati shade
I am dazzling showoff the sheathed blade
And i know for sure
Tagore was kaffir and he died in kuffar
He never accepted Islam as his religion
He was great poet and that's enough for his identification
He said my golden BANGLA i love you
For borne us as Bengali the inhuman few
But he ignore in his confused mind
Mother's land or father's sky is not the motto of the inhuman kind
Tagore was kaffir for sure
No matter how poetic he may appear no matter how pure

BA: He who had written staying of hungry stone and going of the golden vessel
He who used his mortal body as mortar and immortal soul as pestle
And created physics of the ATHMAN
No be aql no Tagore was not BE IMAN
His tear drop taj mahal and ear drop peace residence
Bear witness of his great mind
Rabindra the sun god for earthly kind

BE: His lachrymose momentary pose grabbed world attention
Our tear permanent posture robbed world rejection
His look told the whole story and our book is the index to particular
We loose with genuine blood  and he wins with his fake tear
His lie is like blue sky a manifestation of fib
Tagore is in hell now and there he will live

BA: Yes may be in hell but even there too he will live with god
Because hell is not godless abode
By ALLAH nothing can sustain with out him
And ALLAH is rahmanur rahim
It is you who condemn but it is not you who command
It is at day of judgment at ALLAH'S hand
You call him kaffir do you know there is a HADITH about that too
If only you pay attention to it you might want to change your point of view

BE: HADITH and you it is like a ghost chanting holy RAM
You veiled Satan the dweller of the jahannam
You two will live there in the fire
While we in our rec-lying in armchair
And Theirs egg wide eager eye's fills our cup
While you burn in the hell as the human scrap

Awaluddin Marrifath Ullah Say's

My father is Soowa Miah mother is Saya Begum
I am a Bangladeshi living in united kingdom
We here in foreign
In Brick Lane
We celebrate Bengali new year with Rabindra sangeet
We light our houses we light our street
But we don't take them as religious ritual
We don't do them to become spiritual
Now for your information TAGORE was Brammabadi
He believed in the creator who created this finite from infinity
Now he is dead yet through his arts he lives
But how many of will you remembered as earth fills your grave as it crashes your ribs

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