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I have a sister, her name is Sheila Ann,
To Mama she was always "Freeder-Ann";
I just called her my little "Pet",
Years have gone by and I feel that way yet;

I was jealous of her once, sad to say,
With Auntie Sheila my kids wanted to stay;
My son said he'd never take cars or money,
If it meant losing his 'weet, 'weet honey;

My little girl loved to hear Auntie talk,
Said they played games and went for a walk;
During those days I was always so busy,
House work, work-work, kept me in a tizzy!

My darling sister helped me appreciate,
My kids' love for me would never dissipate;
She has helped me survive many a thing,
I think of her and my heart begins to sing;

Sheila Ann, my Pet, if only you knew,
What you mean to me, so steadfast and true;
I'd give you anything, the moon up above,
But the only thing I have to offer is my love.

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My Sweet Pet