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Moving On!

However the space
Keep in ones face
Yourself you keep
Hold yourself deep
Let's see clearly
Not just nearly
It's not hard
Live life reward
If we can live
We can also give
For the very joy
Little girl, little boy
To have new sight
How things delight
It's easy to understand
Together strong band
Like that the songs paid
The very passages laid
To show history preys
For future paved ways
It's easy to listen
To colors that glisten
How our lives look
Nothings been took
Not a day dream
Life can be seen
Today holds tomorrow
History unfolds sorrow
It's like we knew
It's all up to you
When there is more
For time to store
We can count on life
Continues without strife
Continental love seen
Clearly it's not dream
Inspiration felt deep
Now for all to keep
Nothing can take it away
It's felt deep everyday
The multitudes living
Understanding giving
From the heart it can be felt
The indifference hardly dealt
Earnings are made in work
Just can't stand and lurk
It's the way it is
To mind your own biz
After all if you don't
Others around just won't
This is seen all around
New victory that is sound
To hold to value time spent
As well as the time lent
For more time ticks by
As I hear the birds fly
Even if we lost hope
To get by and still cope
Hard it can be when
You can't start again
The very path lies
On all that we realize
When opposites meet
Adjoined balanced feet
It's like one view
Nothing to change hue.......
    part two.......
Victory in living hard
To give oneself reward
I can feel it strong
Myself can't be wrong
Then it's seen well
Everything to tell
Life better with knowledge
It's hard without to dredge
Beyond naivete stronger will
Must learn how not to spill
It's a beautiful thing
To make use something
Remembering ones own ability
To live a realized reality
Reflecting on many ideas
Seen in different medias
When it's time to see
How it will finally be
What is it to change
If it's set in arrange
Of view not withstanding
In a way of understanding
Why it is to stare about
Not knowing just without
Hoping to get free within
Try something to begin
Just can't stand even now
Seen that it happened somehow
Hardly a word heard when thinking
It's  been like it's seen shrinking
Like that hit, chess mate
Who? The one who took bait
Now who talks in this time
Things you just don't rhyme
It's hard to say but it's true
Lasting product reflect on you
So what it is you do show
Will let others around know
True colors you produce
Yes no money no purchase
It's not hard to believe
On insights you receive
Continuity for balance
For unity to take chance
Why stand and stare about
The time holds us no doubt
Even if it seems hopeless
Many go beyond the cope-less
As a multitude swarms away
To a lesser area to stay
It's now the very instance
To see long last distance
Maintain area of thought
Heard well could lose allot

Tina Hisola

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Moving On!



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