Poetic Feelings

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I have a very pretty and special girl,
She's brought so much good into the world;
She may not always do exactly what's right,
But she's made my life sunshiny and bright;

Has a great sense of humor, can really clown,
Never fails to bring me up when I'm down;
Very affectionate, loves to hug and kiss,
When she's away, her love I truly miss;

My precious cutie has a serious side,
Disappointment and pain she cannot hide;
However, she always bounces back quick,
Babying her a little really does the trick;

This unique girl is sweet and kind-hearted,
For generosity she should be rewarded;
When it comes to family she's very devoted,
Her words are sincere, never sugar-coated;

Wants everyone to have the very best on the shelf,
Always willing to take second best for herself;
But I won't have it, not for Tiffany Nicole,
She deserves no less than the finest of gold.

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Tiffany Nicole