Beautiful Disaster


She slowly walks
Through the sand
Gripping her music
In her hand
To most people
Its just an ordinary swing
Nothing special
Just an ordinary thing
As she takes a seat
and fumbles with her Mp3
She begins swinging
Taking in all she can see
She watches and observes
What people do
And thinks to herself
Could I do that too?
Her parents are worried
She's alone to much
She needs to be making friends
And such
But she likes to be alone
With her music on
In her eyes its obvious
She's already gone
In her own world
Dreaming about life
The happiness and goodness
The worries and strife
But as the swing begins to slow
She begins to see
That the things she is dreaming of
Could never be
She stops the swing
And walks away
And there is where
Her dreams with stay.

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