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The sun is shining,
The skies are deep sea blue
Pure lilies scatters the land
I sensed and feel your presence around
But I can't even touch your hand.

Oh my sister, my best friend
Why did it suddenly all have to end?
I carry a heavy and burden heart
It saddens me that you have parted.

Cherish you, I will always
For the remaining of my existing days.
I'll miss your smile, your laugh,
your lady like grace
The inner life that glowed in your face.

I remember the experiences we have had,
All of the good with the bad
We shared joys, we've shared tears
You've been appreciated through
the years.

I want to hug you! right here! right now!
But your soul is no longer earthly bound.
You're in your glory, Oh! Yes your are
Heaven's new heavenly light,
God's new shining star

My love for you will always be
And never will it cease
May the angels watch over you
Each day you rest in peace

I'll send you my love and all of my care,
Each night I bow my head in a holy prayer.

                          Copyright 7-29-1999


Written for my sister in law who passed away 1999

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Rest In Peace




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