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 SWEETSWORDS 103 [ Embodiments M.O.T ]

Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Soul might be mightier than senses
But is it mightier than presentient
Highness is how high without the descent

Soul might be mightier than senses
But is it mightier than presentiment
Highness is how high without the basement

Soul might be mightier than senses
But is it mightier than egos
Logic is how logical without the logos

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

Take six cards without colour without name
And place them carefully correct
Up down north south east and west
Now you have a dice
Now you can ply the divine game with this divine device


1 Shape of the breath
2 Size of the suffocation
3 Sound of the thought
4 Colour of the sensation
5 Highest achievement
6 Lowest failure
7 Man eater nudity
8 Lady killer tailor

Foundation-less BARZAKH
Or fundamental BE AQL
You decide you want stop with the cubicle
Or you want to move in the circle

BE: Soul is the heart of the matter
In did the kingdom of the heart is the throne of the Creator
Heart is where soul reside it is the center of the every point what none can divide
Therefore BARZAKH hide not in front and behind but come to the center
In the kingdom of GOD if you seek to enter

BA: Soul is the word of the Creator
It doesn't live in your heart but lives in your ear
As the silent words of consciousness it heeds your entire
With soul we communicate constantly without being aware
Soul is not outer seeing or inner feeling but soul is something you can hear
If heart is abode of soul and GOD lives within
But it is also from within we get satanic impulses to commit the sin
Is it the GOD within or are we inside the GOD
We know little about the soul oh BE AQL but we know enough that it is the word of the lord

BE: Everything that dazzles is not diamond
Your dazzling words are mirage like shining pond
It is like heartless cruel curiosity with its cruel thirst
The burning thirst of the blazing dust
From dust we came to dust we must go
But our heart will be fulfilled with what we know
Because heart is the center heart is the essence
It knows when it is fulfilled without the intelligence
So be off with your cleaver rope trick and leave us with our staff of faith
Let us be the factual the boy's with the bay's and you be the theoretical the wreath with the wraith

BA: Do you know why bones out lives the beings
Are they just signs for future generations of our previous sayings
While the brain
As it dissolves in to the ground without leaving any trace in its grain
Where did the head go while scull remain
Is it too awaiting like dead sands for the fertile rain
Is it the body that senses in the dream
Can a body of a man truly contain him
While body in the bed and man is tending the garden
What really contains man
Is it DNA in the bone or the spermatozoon children
Where is the mind
Is it in the center left right front or behind

BE: There you go again
with your words of confusion and words of the pain
It is the most painful experience having an conversation with you BARZAKH
It is like solving the singular identity of a QUARK
Who are you the veiled NO BODY tell me your truth
Give me your heat full give me your word of the mouth

BA: My tongue never told my ear my heartthrob statement or my headache bane
My tongue never told my ear my hearty pleasure or my stomach pain
I am NO BODY therefore i am the soul
I am NO BODY therefore i am the mixture of this mixing bowl

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