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Life to show

To get beyond beliefs of unseen fact
Moving forward, refusing to fall back
Strength in the masses out weigh
All claims not seen in real way
Lifts up everyones goal forward leap
Together seeing out of dream of sleep
The views of yesterday reflects today
That we have yet more to display
Technology becoming more yet to prove
Tests resulting ways of keeping the grove
To remember always to never forget
The very instances of all things to set
For facts reflect we are still living
There are still many ways of giving
As each day becomes less confusing
Life has moments that can be amusing
Laughter being a soul benefit healing
Ones hatred to store numb feeling
Losing love, resulting in hate rots soul
Forever lost on a sadistic type goal
This world we live our life till whenever
Never knowing how long we've got to endeavor

  Tina Hisola in   2000 July 16

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