ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet  
  Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde

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Supreme Court Frauds,cowboys
and outlaws,Congress runs
amok ... in Iraq the troops
Are stuck. Beltway clowns
and senators trying to Pass
the buck.

Treated as fools, voters
strings are pulled ... by
political Puppeteers, who
fill them full of fears,
manipulated by Political
profiteers and clowns ...
instead of re-election,

Don't be duped into falling
for the sham of liberator
or peace Facilitator
perpetrated by uncle sam.

He loves to trample and
Stomp down sovereign people
in their homeland. Regardless
of how loud they may protest
and holler ... because sams
bottom Line is the U.S.

Visualize the imagery of
this higher form of
Technological Savagery ...
passed off as Civilization ...
by the suit and tie wearing
thugs who run this nation.

International Gangsters,
intercontinental Thieves
turning children into
Orphans while widows

Demos meaning people and
kratia meaning rule,
Who would be best suited
to govern a nation of fools?

George Double-U definitely
fits the curve. Over a
Nation of like minded people ...
he is indeed the most
qualified to serve.

Globally Running buck wild
with Draconian, Vulturistic
style. Corporate scandals
created by Monopolistic
Vandals, back stabbing,
double dealing fiends ...
when you see them coming ...
break the chains of oppression ...
become unbound,

amerikkkans are victims of
maniacal politically tyrannical
Fiends ... conditioned from
birth to become Cogs in
the wheel of the devil’s
machine ... living the horror
Of a nightmare ... known as
the American Dream.

Global mobbing and robbing
the poor to subsidize the super
Rich. Son of a Bush ... son
of an itch ... son of a disease ...
Please ... I’d rather die on
my feet than live on my knees.

Abu Lateef


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