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unexpressable emotions

why would you care about my grief?
why would you want to know my name?
why would you consider friendship?
why would you consider another game?
do you really care about my life?
do you really care about my name?
would u  care if i took a knife?
and started to go insane?
why do you say that yoru my friend?
why did you say at my eyes you'd stare?
why did you say you'll stay till the end?
why do you say with your mouth that you care?
the question is why did you leave me hanging down
so alone, and so scared?
why did you let me go-
into the dark and very uncared?
why do u like being alone?
with out me to withhold-
your hand when your feeling low,
why did u take away the glow?

~DaYnA e. 1/1/03  1:24am

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unexpressable emotions