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scream with me

Sometimes I crave
The evidence of my blood
The desire to go home
The hunger for change
Life is so beautiful
And God is so beautiful
But life is so polluted

Sometimes I crave
Whole direction
Completely narrow paths
Instead of aimless goals or
Dark walkways

Do you see what the hell is going on inside of me?
Let me spoon out my soul
And throw it on the television screen
Unimaginable feelings could be rolled
And psychotic nightmares could be displayed

Maybe then you'd grasp the friction

Like a sci-fi film
Where everything is pointless and
Not understandable

Sometimes the Lord reminds me
Of the fullness of life and eternity
Joy and peace that make me cry….
And sometimes I'm just excruciatingly boggled
Filled with fear
And life becomes a scary hell

Why is it that we,
Play on the railroad tracks
And wrap blindfolds around our eyes
When our security is at our access?
When our peace, and safety lye a word away?

Love and romance make me go insane
Watching everybody's situations makes me mental,
Everyday life makes me go crazy,
And fun times make it senseless.
Only one thing remain calm,
and sanity is restored when I embrace it

~DaYnA e. 6/13/06

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scream with me