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He had been a Warrior
And kept the Warrior Code
He had towered skyward
On the Great War Horse he rode
With his broad sword sheathed
Carried ever with his shield
And to his last battle
No man had made him yield
He had screamed his defiance
With his last breath
Fighting to the very second
Of his Warrior Death
Now he stands there in Valhalla
Regarding with rheumy eye
The way war is fought now
How many innocents die
He feels for the Warriors
Now just political tools
Lead from so far afar
By mostly cowards and fools
Who issue the word
Unleash the might
Never soiling their hands
By joining bloody fight
And he sees the way they preen
And he sees the way they prance
As they squabble over victory spoils
Like maidens coming out at a dance
He sees how they prosper
Enjoy their illicit wealth
Take the best of precautions
To enjoy the best of health
The old Warrior Shade sighs
Thinks of the loss of face
At being lead by such examples
Of the once proud Human Race
He draws too the curtains
Sadly shakes his head
For now more than ever so
The brave and quick are dead

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