Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

But I said please...

Please say it was all a dream
Because these days, it seems
As though I confuse the real
With revery, leading me to feel
As though insanity has set in
Way, way underneath my skin.

Please, awaken me from this nightmare,
The one where your words hit me like a spear
To my heart, almost causing me
To die and forever bleed,
Please tell me it was not your intent,
That you were just angry and needed to vent.

Please promise your words were not true,
That we will bothg see this thing through
To the end, till forgiveness
Can be made and then all this
Will disappear and we will float on
Till all the fury is gone.

Please tell me it will all be okay
Because, I was ripped apart yesterday
And the pieces have scattered beyond my eyes
But I cannot distinguish honesty from lies
So I'm forever to feel this, and because you are curt
I am destined to be this hurt.

June 14, 2006

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But I said please...

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