ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Your best friend got blown in half because
he got too close to that Chick ... you know ...
Bouncing Betty, "but it didn't mean nothing,"
because he gets to leave Nam without
completing his whole tour.
His folks back home will have the opportunity
to see a real life captain at their front door.
He'll explain how their son died a hero fighting
for his Uncle Sam, But he'll leave out details of
how he really died in Viet Nam.
The truth is he got killed by friendly fire.
If truth is what you seek, then to the politicians
do not speak. They are incapable of giving you what
you desire. They are America's elected, paid,
professional liars.
Their patriotic speeches are only a SHAM. To the
You're Expendable ... they really Don't give a damn!

Abu Lateef

1. bouncing betty: an imprvised exploding device,


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