Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

The right words are still always the wrong ones

How beautiful,
You've started a battle
And placed it under my name.

I'm sinking.
The sands have begun
To swallow up what is left of me.

And there wasn't much to begin with.

It smells like
A bad idea in here,
You've brought your treachery
To my face and expect me
To react in an orderly fashion.
I've been betrayed before,
Don't think that I don't know
How to react to this feeling.

You've lent me smiles
For the time being, well
I needn't your kind of help.
Don't pity me and say I'm wrong.

I'm always right,
And this isn't an ego trip.

Let me borrow you,
I'll return you unscathed,
But I must have you
For a moment, so I can
Throw an amorphous
Bounty of sadness at your face.

Just like you did to I.
I can be just as bitter.
I can be just as mean.
I can be just as thoughtless,
I can make you cry too.

I just need to find the right words.

June 23, 2006

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The right words are still always the wrong ones

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