Higham Ferrers Farmers Market

Higham Ferrers Farmers Market is something quite unique,
Its origins lie in history, go take a little peek:
You'll find it in the Domesday Book, centuries ago,
Farmers sold their livestock there and put their wares on show.

The beauty of this market is the produce that is there;
It is of the finest quality, the very best of Fayre.
You need to arrive quite early, to whet your appetite,
Each stall is quite amazing, a Connoisseur's delight.

There are jams, preserves and pickles, plants and evergreens,
Croissants, eclairs and slices,organic cakes are seen.
The meat is quite outstanding and homemade pies are great,
There's special cheese and cider, well, that's just tempting fate.

Organic chicken await you, Ostrich, beef and ham,
Sausages of distinction or try some tender lamb.
What's special about this market? You'll feel it when you're here!
It's something quite magnificent, it's full of atmosphere!

Copyright May 2004 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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Higham Ferrers Farmers Market

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