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SWEETSWORDS 104 [ Famous Stranger ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Everything that reminds me of ALLAH die
Therefore i surrender to the eternal ALLAH from every mortal Lie
Everything that reminds me of ALLAH alters
Therefore i submit to self sufficient all sustainer ALLAH who shelters

Poga Say's in a foolington Maze

Willingly submitted independent mind
Loose NAFS and RUHANI bind
Submitted sure success and rebellious hopeful ambition
Admitted cure distress and ambiguous doubtful intention

Be Aql: GOD is jealous GOD therefore he is auspicious
I AM a jealous lover therefore i am suspicious
GOD is jealous therefore jealousy is godly
I AM a jealous lover because i love you madly
I AM suspicious because auspicious she is not
She is the cause of man's fall no woman can forgot

Barzakh: YA marrifatic antibiotic anti-inflammatory pain killer
Death to pain with the deadly prayer
Ya marrifataic antibiotic the nescience tonic
Death to pain with the deadly sonic

Be Aql: What is this abracadabra boogla boo
I said i am you say who
I said GOD is jealous GOD therefore beware of neglect
And you say your marrifatic mambo jumbo
And do your veiled act

Barzakh: Producer purpose product
These are three stages out of eight
The law of the shariatic body and marrifatic sate
So learn oh be aql
Science of sequence and sign of the octagonal cubical
And take the first step and ponder for second
How MONAD AND DYAD lives hand in hand

Be Aql: A G C and T
These are our genetic sequence we all can see
These are the SHARRIATH the law of the nature
But what you say is completely unclear
Your nature is ambiguity you are not man nor woman
Because you are non human entity
You are a BARZAKH the veiled fib
How would you know eve is the source of calcium for Adam's broken rib
Heart breaker she is therefore by breast must she join
She is Adams broken rib therefore she joins him through his loin

Barzakh: Nature is feminine yet creation is male
Creator is genderless on to whom every category fail
Eve was created from Adam but Adam was created from earth
And mother earth is feminine term according to QURANIC SHARRIATH
If Adam is the first man then mother earth has many son
So don't speak to me about gender you sexist shaytaan

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