Scotland My Scotland!

Dedicated to all Scots living away from their homeland.

Scotland, my Scotland, I love you so much,
I long for the feel of your lingering touch.
I travelled afar, away from my home,
I feel insecure, so much alone.

You fed me and bred me, through many years,
I studied with you, though it brought many tears.
My anguish is great, and I'm missing you,
Day, month and year, don't know what to do?

You sent me away, to carry the word,
To parts of the world who've never heard,
Of your breathless beauty, and glorious sights,
You're quite amazing, a special delight.

I'm longing, yes longing, to see you again,
I do not know how? Or where? Or when?
However, forever, I'll serve you my friend,
Of that one certainty, you can surely depend!

Copyright 2004 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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Scotland My Scotland!

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