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A Different Kind of Heartbreak

A different kind of heartbreak
A different situation
I'm talking about
It's a different kind of pain
That this woman
Put this man in
A different kind of love
That he has lost
And right now he's not sure
If the benefits outweigh the cost
She's supposed to be there
For her whole lifetime
From his birth to her death
It seems that when
He needed her the most
She became so transparent
She couldn't even be seen by ghosts
Ain't no love like this type
The only one it doesn't beat out
Is the Good Lord's Kind
This love you don't use your mind
What I mean is
It's so natural you don't think about it
It just happens
The kind that all are "supposed" to experience
But sadly some chosen few
Are just left in suspense
I'll always love her
Because of who she is
But I won't forget
How she forgot me
And focused on my other sibs
Once bitten twice shy
She once told me
Now I tell her
Twice bitten
I love you but goodbye
So sad
The reason for this outcome
I have no clue why
Another memory
Accompanied by a sigh

¥☼MOI☼¥  26 Jun 06

A Different Kind of Heartbreak



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