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SWEETSWORDS 106 [ The sonorous sigh ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

The sonorous Purusa Sukta and silent hymn of men
The science of sound and signs of Amen
The manifest blazing bush and hidden arsonist
The grammarer God and the stammerer humanist
The sonorous Purusa Sukta and the silent hymn of pen
The Hum of ALLAH and the Hamd of men

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

Language of satisfaction
And verb of burp
Science of music
And sign of Alap

Language of locality
And universal sound
science  for unknown
And sign for found

Language of boredom
And verb of sigh
science for lip reading
And sign for eye

Language of distance
And close call
Science of understanding
And sign of aql

Tri Kaal Tri Netra Say's oh my fourth functional eye
The Holy ISLAMIC Tribune is the AL HAQQ
But the Christian Trinity is the lie
Is the uncreated ALLAH the created PEN writing the vibrational QUN FA YA QUN
It is as simple as the doctor and the pen and the tablet
It is as simple as the chicken and the egg and the omelet
But the horrendous Trinity of the Christian Nasara
Where God comes not only to the youthful Mary but also to the old haggard Sara
Tri Kaal Tri Netra Say's there is nothing Pure and Holy in the Christan Tribune apart from the horrendous polluted SHIRK

BA : The Ajanana Avidya The Ne science Laduni
The ilm e marrifa the knowledge Al Bateni
Mr Greenman Gupta ibn chlorophyll
Al Khidr's karma and Brahma's will
Now you know oh BE AQL BARZAKH'S field and his FAL
Now you know THE TRI KAL TRI NETRA the The three dimensional TRISMEGUSTUS HERMETICAL

BE : The Pen The paper The witness and The judge
Clear SALATH and hidden MIRAJ
The Dundiwala donkey and fare AL hadjee
Unmentioned martyr and pensioner AL gadjee
These are manifest path therefore i know my way
I don't need your guesswork i don't need your misleading moullie

BA : For the blind even sun is darkness
For the deaf even the thunder is silence
For the dumb language is inadequate therefore they sing the inaudible song
The ballad of short expectations with the lingering longing for the long
Therefore hear oh BE AQL before the BIG BANG there was the BIGGEST BANGER
Ready to explode like the firework anger
Therefore what i say is beyond word
Because i am the BARZAKH the vibrating screen of the GOD
Yet vision can not grasp me because i reside in the realm of thought
I am not past or future i am not even present because i am the unoccupied now i am the naught

BE : Many big words doesn't make one small letter but letter is the call that compels to read
Therefore i don't need your Smokey ganja the dirk dirty weed
So get lost drunk just shut up
Get lost Saki with your poison cup
I THE INTELLIGENCE i know toxin from tasnim with my essence
Therefore i don't need your abstract hypothesis about my intelligence
I know it is my essence it makes me whole but what you say is nor here nor there
Man you are like recorded weather news without the live atmosphere
So just shut up
Go away Saki with your poison cup

BA : I am every chatter box parrot every silent worm
I am every vibrational throbbing formation every bubbling form
Yet foam i am not therefore i don't do the frothy staff
I leave that to angry mullah and gossip hungry bluff
So you shut up mullah and lower your condemning finger
Man you just shut up before i succumb by my anger

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