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An effort to become tender

The feeling of a petal,
A rose,
The feeling,
Of skin,
On the nose,
A feeling so soft,
Yet so true,
My heart is not tender,
But broken,
And blue,
Its been pumping glass blood
Through a hundred
Silk veins
It has been
Expanding itself
In a hopless effort
For gain
My heart is all broken
It is nothing new
It has always been cheated
And put through hard use
My heart has been broken
It calls for a name
A name its been calling
Since the start of its game
Tender a word that has been taken
So lightly
Is a word that has
In all efforts
Blinded my heart
In more ways than sightly
A heart made to love
Does nothing but sit
Hoping in eveyway
That life would admit
That a heart plays no purpose
But to tear at the soul
By being hurt constantly
Until life has grown old
My heart is not tender
A statement so true
My heart blue and broken
Has nothing to do